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Updated 2014
with a link to Bus changes in Kenilworth 2014

Do refresh and download the latest version.

Latest breaking news for 2013 :-
Road ..Closure & Bus Diversion
on Friday 29th.November for

Christmas Lights Switch-On

Usual Bus Services ..?

..Bus Route Maps from Warwickshire Public Transport
October 2013 issue leaflet available from Kenilworth Library.
Ken. Bus MapInsert is the “Kenilworth Bus Focal Point” at Abbey End.
Stand A = Shops ( waragtgw ) from transportdirect.info Find a map
Stand B = Shops ( waragtja ) from transportdirect.info Find a map
Stand c = Holiday Inn ( warajpgp ) from transportdirect.info Find a map

Click on the above map to display it in a new window/tag, where another click enlarges it.
All clicks on links open in a new window/tag. Close each to return to this page.

Transport Direct Info “Map Finder” for Kenilworth,
selecting “Town/district/village” button & clicking “Next”,
downloads a map which when you Zoom In to maximum,
displays bus stop symbol links on a road map.
Drag the map, or use the cursor arrow keys, to show other areas of Kenilworth.

Bus Stop Location ( SMS code ) shown thus in “Ken Bus User”

The two Bus Stops at the top of Priory Road have now been registered with the NaPTAN database though one is usually used by the 539 from Coventry Abbey Hill ( wardpajg ), and the other by school buses Abbey Hill ( wardpajm ).
Moreover, when buses are diverted because of Warwick Road closure on a Saturday, both these stops are used by all the buses in Kenilworth – X17, 11, Unibus U2, 16 & 539 !
However, neither Google Maps nor Google Street View are sufficiently up-to-date to show these bus stops.

Bus Diversion in 2013 due to Road Closure
because an Event ..?

    Query :-
  • Why, Where, When for details of the road closure ?
  • What bus stops not in use ?
    What bus stops in use on diversion route ?
  • What publicity available to the traveling public ?

WCC Bus service changes – Temporary

..Closure of Warwick Road on Sat.11th.May 2013 for Kenilworth Festival Foodie Fayre “Street Market”

“Foodie Fayre” from 10:30am to 4:30pm – St Francis Hall, Warwick Road.
Bus Diversion along Waverley Road / Priory Road as below.

..Closure of Kenilworth Roads on Sat.6th.July 2013 for Kenilworth Carnival Route

Despite Road Closure notices, CJ’s Events Warwickshire permitted rolling traffic.
However, Bus Diversion, between the hours of 11:30 and 15:30 approximately, occured down Spring Lane & Farmer Ward Road BETWEEN Albion Steet & St Johns Church.
NX Bus Coventry announced that the Service 11 would go from Warwick University along Stoneleigh Road & the A46 to Kenilworth.

..Closure of Warwick Road on Sat.5th.October 2013 for Kenilworth Foodie Festival “Fine Food and Drink Street Market”

Road Closure Order of Warwick Road from 6am until 9pm on 5/10/13
between the Clock Tower at Abbey End roundabout and the
entrance to Sainsburys Supermarket car park.
However, the @KenilworthCops posted three tweets on 5th.Oct. that the Road Closure was from 7am to 6pm only :-
At 12:02 AM, At 4:39 AM and At 7:22 AM.

..Closure of Kenilworth Roads on Sun.10th.November 2013 for “Remembrance 2013 in Kenilworth”

Published by Crown Watch 1st.Nov.2013 – Road Closure from 10:30am to 12:15pm.
However, proposed Warwick District Road Closure Orders for Remembrance Sunday Service :-
Park Road = 9am to 11am
Abbey Hill, Forrest Road, Abbey End (from Abbey Hill to Abbey End Car Park), Southbank Road = 8am to 12pm

Bus Stop changes due to Road Closure of Warwick Road because of an Event ..?

Buses diverted along Priory Road / Waverley Road, where three stops become “In Use” :-
Two by the Blundells pathway near the top of Priory Road
Abbey Hill ( wardpajg ) & Abbey Hill ( wardpajm )
One in Waverley Road near the junction with Warwick Road
Warwick Road ( wardagpj) ), until 6pm approximately.

    Bus Stops “Not In ..Use” :-

  • Service X17 & U2
    Two Bus Stops in Abbey Hill, Adj. Church ( warajwdg) & Opp. Church ( warajwdj ) the U.R. Church
    Three Bus Stands at shelters in Abbey End “Focal Point”
    Two Bus Stops in Warwick Road Opp. Lion ( warajpgt) & Adj.Randall Road Jnct Randall Road ( warajpgw).
  • Service 16
    First Six of the above Bus Stops and
    One Bus Stop in Randall Road near Warwick Road Jnct. Warwick Road ( warapdwa )
    All the Bus Stops in St. Johns Ward between
    Rouncil Lane & Randall Road !!!
  • Service 539
    One Bus Stop in Warwick Road Adj. Lion ( Opp. Randall Road )
    One Bus Stop in Waverley Road near Warwick Road Jnct.

    Nearest Bus Stops “In ..Use” :-

  • For Services X17, U2 & 16 not using Bus Stops at Abbey End go to the two Bus Stops at the top of Priory Road near Abbey Hill Jnct.
    Pedestrian footpaths connect the Bus Stops at Abbey End with the Bus Stops at Priory Road :-
  • From between “The Almanack” & “Post Office” walk to the Car Park, emerging by “Le Raj Spice”.
  • From between “Wilton Court” & “the Kenilworth Centre” walk to Soutbank Road, emerging between “Wilton Court” & “Hibbert Court”.
  • From Southbank Road between No.3 & No.5 walk to Priory Road, emerging by No.8A opposite the Nursery School playground.
    ( Footpath commonly known as the Blundells )
  • For Services X17 U2 11 & 16 at the Bus Stop in Warwick Road Adj. Lion go to Bus Stop in Warwick Road Adj. Earl of Clarendon
    Earl of Clarendon ( warapdwm ).
  • For Services X17 U2 & 11 towards Coventry from Bus Stop in Warwick Road near Randall Road Jnct. ( Shelter by King’s Table cafe ) go to Bus Stop in Waverley Road near Warwick Road Jnct.
  • For Service 16 in Randall Road near Warwick Road go to Bus Stop in Waverley Road near Warwick Road Jnct.
    The several Bus Stops in St Johns Ward between Rouncil Lane & Randall Road will not be used as Service 16 will be diverted to use the Bus Stops in Warwick Road instead.
  • Service 539 will still be using the Stands at Shelters B & C in Abbey End, but will return to Coventry from B via Bus Stops in Abbey Hill & Priory Road instead of Warwick Road & Waverley Road to turn into Whateley’s Drive.

View the Blogs posted on kenonweb.wordpress.com and also view @KenOnWeb tweets.

Use the following “2 dot tag” to step through this webpage :-
..? = ( Headings ) – 4 hits
..) = ( Keyboard shortcuts ) – 6 hits
..bus = ( Bus services in Kenilworth ) – 3 hits
..closure = ( Closure of roads in Kenilworth ) – 6 hits
..use = ( Bus stops not in use & nearest in use during diversion ) – 3 hits

Type the “2 dot tag” into the pop-up dialog box created by tapping
( [ Ctrl ]+[ F ] ..)
Step to the next find by tapping ( [ Enter ] ..), or to the previous find by tapping ( [ shift ]+[ Enter ] ..)

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